New fast and easy bulk online ordering system

June 6, 2021

MMM Catering's new bulk online ordering system is designed to save time for customers when placing orders for the first or repeating orders.

We know offices move at a fast pace, and a million tasks are happening at the same time. Ordering food for your people is just one of the tasks you handle at the same time.

Our online ordering system is designed to help your to place bulk orders easily and quickly, so you can move to the next task.

In this article we introduce a few features that help you to choose the right food items for your occasion.

Catering Packages

Catering packages are a bundle of items that we put together after decades of catering for thousands of customers on different occasions. These packages include items that the crowd likes, are affordable, easy to eat, and presented beautifully.

Our packages automatically include 10% of vegetarian choices, and no vegetarian guests will go hungry.

Food Stickers for Special Diets

We include stickers next to an item to indicate whether it is one of the following:
  • vegetarian
  • vegan
  • gluten free
  • nut free

If some of your guests have special dietary requirement, you can look out for the special diet stickers when placing an order, or talk with us to customise a menu.

Cloning Orders

When ordering for a similar occasion, you can clone a previous order, make changes if necessary, and place the new order within minutes.

We are constantly improving our processes to provide better services to customers, and love to hear what you think about our new ordering system.

Stay tuned for our next update.